Friends Of Saugus Father, Son Injured In Crash Ask For Community Help -- January 5, 2015

Friends of a Santa Clarita man and his son critically injured in a crash near Central Park in Saugus are asking for help from the Santa Clarita community.

Father and son, Neil and Brian Smith, were leaving the Central Park Central Bark dog park in Santa Clarita on Dec. 23 when their car was in a crash.

Brian Smith, 23, of Saugus, was released from the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital five days later, said Jennifer Cosmos, a neighbor of the Smith family.

Brian Smith’s father, Neil Smith, remains sedated in the ICU because of the severity of his injuries, Cosmos said.

“Thankfully, no brain damage, but it’s all just internal injuries,” Cosmos said. “There is at least a year recovery process. They’re gently trying to wake him up but his body is in so much pain, his breathing stops, heart rate gets too high. It’s going to be a process.”

NorthboundBouquet Canyon Road was closed down to one lane and multiple first responder crews were called to the scene after the crash, according to a previous report.

Details of the crash were not immediately available.

A helicopter was called to transport a victim.

Cosmos set up a GoFundMe account after the accident to help raise money for Neil and Brian Smith’s medical bills.

The GoFundMe account link can be found here.

Brian Smith is currently staying with his mom until he gets better, she said adding that the family is taking things day by day.

“I’m sad that this happened to Neil. He’s a great guy. They just adopted a dog,” Cosmos said. “People found (the dog) at the accident and took her to the vet to make sure she was okay.”

“I think that we have a fabulous community,” Cosmos said. “Any time there is tragedy, people come together want to help, but don’t know how.”

Neil and Brian Smith have both involved in Boy Scouts for more than 15 years, said Ethan Reynolds, a friend of Brian Smith.

Neil Smith has been president of their neighborhood’s homeowners association and has been a board member for more than 10 years.