Zony Gordon And Cecily Willis Present Their Watercolor Art At Fast Frame


Zony Gordon and Cecily Willis presented their artwork at Fast Frame in Valencia on Saturday.

“I have lived in Santa Clarita for the past 10 years,” Willis said. “I am so excited to have the opportunity to show my paintings, because I am a member of the Santa Clarita Artists’ Association, that’s where I met Zony.”

Their exhibition is titled “Two For the Road” and will be on display until June 30th.

“I am a local artist,” Gordon said. “I love local community activities like this. A lot of my art pieces are inspired by the nature here. Everything revolves around the community. When I have a picture, I don’t necessarily paint it how it is, I interpret it depending on the mood and surroundings.”

Willis is retired now and after a career as a graphic designer, she is really grateful that she has the opportunity to paint almost every day now.


“I do watercolors now because I think after all of those years in advertising, I just want to get things done right now, fast, and on deadline,” Willis said. “Oil paintings sometimes take years and I don’t feel that I have the luxury to take all that time. Watercolor paintings only take a couple days to finish.”

All of the pieces were done in watercolor.

A live artist demonstration will be on June 22.