Weekly Wednesday Food Trucks Benefit Valencia Summit Seals Swim Team Thu, 08/01/2013 - 3:56pm

Hundreds of  residents of the Valencia Summit met at the community clubhouse on Wednesday for their weekly food truck event.


The event has been extended due to popular demand, said Phyllis Grekin, a Valencia Summit resident.

“Originally, the event was only supposed to be during the month of June and because of the popularity, the event will continue through the month of August.” Grekin said.

An assortment of food trucks included Greek and Chinese food, Italian ice, pizza and other assorted foods priced between $2 and $15.

“This event originally began as a small fundraiser to benefit the Homeowners Association’s swim team, the Summit Seals,” said Stella Barrett, the coordinator of the Food Truck Wednesdays.

Around 100 people come each week depending on what food trucks are at the event.

“The food trucks donate between 10-15 percent of the profits to the Summit Seals,” said Kendra Barrett, daughter of Stella Barrett.

Each week, Stella Barrett goes online to Yelp and looks at which local food trucks have the highest ratings, she said, adding she usually books about three trucks.  

“Our best turnout was last Wednesday,” said Ada Blunstein, another Valencia Summit resident, who said about 300 showed up.

“We had a lobster food truck come,” Ada Blunstein said. “They were so popular that they ran out of food.”

People of all ages came to the event, which was open to the community and saw friends and family mingling from 5-8 p.m.

“I love to come every week and I will miss the event when it is over,” said Sybil Blunstein, a resident of the Valencia Summit.

The Wednesday food truck event is expected to end at the end of August or beginning of September.

“I’m amazed at what this event has become,” said Stella Barrett. “It’s so wonderful to have all of this support,”

The trucks will be at the Valencia Summit community clubhouse at 24600 Del Monte Drive.

“It’s nice to spend the evening out,” said Sybil Blunstein. “And it’s good for the community.”