SCV Families Enjoy Music Moves Concert At Golden Valley High School

Music Moves officials presented the La International Sonora Tropical starring Carlos Quintana concert on Friday.

“These music events will help out to promote band members and also promote getting instruments for the groups for years to come and also to engage with professionals in the field” said Ram Gutierrez a producer for the Latino community who helped organize this event.

Music Moves is an organization founded by parents of students who are involved in Golden Valley High School’s Band and Colorguard.  Their mission is to put funding back into the public school’s music programs through the aide of local businesses.

“Many documented studies show that children who study music and participate in school music programs are more adept at math, physics and science studies – and are more likely to attend university and earn degrees – a high return on investment for our communities to produce a well educated workforce” said Music Moves officials.

“We wanted to create a program that brought more attention to the fact that band programs in our city and our state are very underfunded, as most music programs are.  But we wanted to do

something other than just another high school fundraiser…”said Kurt Wilson who is a former band parent and a Music Moves board member.

SCV families enjoyed and danced to music by the band La International Sonora Tropical starring Carlos Quintana.

There was also a Silent Auction where families could bid on clothes, toys, and other items.

”We wanted to do something on more of a professional level…We could use these facilities, go for a grants, promote it, and the proceeds from the event not only benefit the Golden Valley program but we will donate about 10% to the Hart District Honor Band program” said Wilson.

For more information on Music Moves, visit their website here.

For more information on La International Sonora Tropical, visit their website here.