Santa Clarita Valley Iraqi War Veteran Hosts Event To Honor Veterans Sun, 11/10/2013 - 1:57p

Santa Clarita Valley officials hold several Veterans Day events every year.  This year, an Iraqi War veteran is hosting his own event to honor veterans.

“I’m an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran and two years ago Habitat for Heroes and KHTS did the first rebuild on my families house,” said Josh Murphy, who founded the Veterans Day Sacrifice event.

Green Convergence donated and installed new roofing and a SunPower system for veteran Josh Murphy and his wife Windie, whose home in Saugus was refurbished by Habitat volunteers on the weekend before Veteran’s Day in November 2011. 

Murphy created a Facebook event titled Veterans Day Sacrificewhere people can go and post what they will give up for Veterans Day to honor all veterans.

“It’s really nice when people say ‘Thank you for your service’. I wanted to have people do something to really show their appreciation for my brothers and sisters in uniform,” Murphy said.

People having been giving up things like coffee, TV, internet and even talking to their families for the day.

“When I first came back I was carrying many invisible wounds and one of the things that really helped me was people like Carl, Jeri, Habitat for Heroes along with friends and family who reached out and supported me,” he said.

Murphy will be giving up his beard and mustache, even though he has “grown rather fond of facial hair in winter.”

“I wanted to do the same for other veterans,” Murphy said. “I want them to know their sacrifices, the things they are carrying their hearts and minds, they don’t have to deal with alone and they are appreciated.”

Please go to the Facebook page, Veterans Day Sacrifice and support Murphy and all of the other veterans who have made sacrifices for this country.

“I have been blessed with so much support, but not all Vets have that. Many are carrying invisible effects of war, with no support to help carry their burden,” Murphy posted on the Facebook page. “I know that when they see your love and appreciation, they will know what they endured was worth it! Please continue to share this event with as many as possible. GOD bless.”