Local Santa Clarita Swim Club Needs Help Donating To Philippines Relief Sat, 11/23/2013 - 2:58pm

Academy Swim Club is accepting relief donations to help with the disaster in the Philippines.“People have seen the devastation that has been caused,” said Nikki Miller, President of Academy Swim Club. “We all feel helpless but this is a great way to help.”

Haiyan barreled into the Philippines on Nov. 8 with winds as high as 190 mph. It tore across the islands south of Manila, The death toll from super typhoon Haiyan, which smashed into the Philippines two weeks ago, has passed 5,200, an official said Friday, according to an NBC report.

“This valley is full of big hearted people and we know cash is tight right now, but we all have stuff at our houses that we aren’t using,” Miller said.

IBC, International Bonded Couriers is a shipping company that is providing free shipping to the Philippines for disaster relief until the end of the month, she said.

“We jumped on the deal, put out emails and by Saturday we had a dozen bags of relief donations,” Miller said. “We sorted everything and we have over 50 boxes to ship.”

Although the residents of the Santa Clarita Valley have extended a helping hand, the Academy Swim Club officials are still in need of more food and toiletry donations. Water, canned food (that does not require heating or a can opener), diapers, formula, gently used clothing, shoes, flip flops, toiletries, blankets and sleeping bags are great to donate as well.

“We need things like soap shampoo, toothpaste and food that doesn’t need cooking such as canned foods or even halloween candy,” she said.

Officials as to bring the donations to the Academy Swim Club by Tuesday at 12 p.m. but are accepting donations until Wednesday.

Drop off location:

28079 Smyth Drive

Valencia, CA 91355

(off of Smyth, near Office Depot)



Photos courtesy of the Academy Swim Club

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