Local Artists Perform At Real Life Church's Undergrounds

Local musician Clayton Severson performed at Real Life Church’s Undergrounds Coffeehouse Friday night.

“Undergrounds is all about the community and all about supporting artists in the community,” said Janie Pearce, Manager of the Undergrounds. “We love having local artist come here, we love supporting them and giving them a place to play.”

Undergrounds Coffeehouse is an all donation, all volunteer coffeehouse that is run by the Real Life Church.

“You pay what you feel the coffee is worth,“ Pearce said.

All of the donations they receive go to local charities.  

“We love the whole donation aspect — challenging people to support the artists and charities,” Pearce said. “We have donated to the Art Tree and Arthritis Foundation to name a couple.”

Undergrounds supports the local artists by having “Starving Artist” jars in front of the stage.  People can go up to the stage and drop tips in at any time during the show.

“Undergrounds is a beautiful sounding room, especially when its full of people.  They have an amazing professional sound system and amazing people.  I can only say positive things about it,” said Clayton Severson, a local musician.

Severson is a singer/songwriter who is influenced by the music of James Taylor, Tom Petty, Neil Young and John Mayer

“This is my first time playing in Santa Clarita,” Severson said.  “I’m from a small town in Iowa and Los Angeles is a crazy but wonderful place to be.”

Not only does Underground provide a place where musicians can perform, — they host events such as family game nights and storytime for kids

“Undergrounds was like my second home before I started working here, “ said Pearce.

About Undergrounds

Undergrounds is an ‘all donation’ coffee house, placing the value of a cup of coffee in the hands of the people.  We like to say ‘pay what you feel it’s worth.’  Every two months Undergrounds chooses a local non profit to sponsor by coming alongside them financially and bringing awareness for the cause they represent.  When you come to Undergrounds you won’t just enjoy a comfortable space, free wi-fi and a quality cup of coffee you’ll also be helping to change lives in our community.