Kittens Found In Trash Can In Castaic, Looking For Help

Citizens for Sheltered Animals officials are asking the citizens of the Santa Clarita Valley for help with 6 kittens that are 1 week old.

“Somebody called the Citizens for Sheltered Animals office in Castaic and said that they found 6 kittens in a trashcan,” said Rick Kerr, founder of Citizens for Sheltered Animals.

Kerr is looking for someone with a nursing female or a foster home that can take the kittens.  

They may be separated and Kerr is currently keeping them at his home.

“Help is what we need,” Kerr said.

If anyone is interested in helping, please call the Citizens for Sheltered Animals office at (661) 513-9288 or Kerr’s cell phone at (661) 373-6571.