COC Hosts Big Summer Rush To Get Students Enrolled In Summer Classes

College of the Canyons hosted their Big Summer Rush event on Friday and Saturday.

“The Big Summer Rush events purpose it to be able to get students enrolled in classes because the last couple years we have been telling students that our classes are full.”  said Wendy Tujillo, Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator of College of the Canyons

There have been 800 seats filled before this event and more than 200 additional people on Friday.

“It’s a great chance to get finished with some G.E.’s and much cheaper than Universities.  High school students can meet with their counselors here as well,” said Denee Pescarmona, Associate Dean of Instruction at College of the Canyons Canyon Country Campus “We looked at classes that had big wait lists and we looked at the CSU and UC requirement classes to the summer session.”

Classes cost $46 per unit, with classes ranging between 1 to 4 units.

“We want the community to know that we have classes now, we have quite a few classes this summer,” said Tujillo  “Because of Prop 30 we have been able to offer so many classes this summer. “

Classes are offered both online and at both Valencia and Canyon Country Campuses. 

“There are more than 100 classes and more than 3000 seats for students.” said Pescarmona

Plus, the first 2000 students to register for classes for the June 24th session can get a $50 bookstore voucher.

“You start with someone helping you fromAdmissions and Records to help you apply, next you have and orientation and placement testing,Financial Aid officials are here to talk to you about getting financial aid, then once all that is done, you can actually register for classes with acounselor,”  Trujllo said “the idea is to come and have a one stop shop.”

For more information on summer classes and College of the Canyons, visit their website or visit the campuses.