Santa Clarita City Council Approves EIR For Via Princessa To Golden Valley Road Extension-- October 14, 2015

Santa Clarita City Council members voted to approve environmental documents to extend Via Princessa to Golden Valley Road.

The road would span about 1.2 miles, with six-lanes, has a 14-foot raised landscaped median, a 10-foot sidewalk and parkway on each side and a 12-foot, two-lane bike path along the south side, according to officials.  The road is planned to be “a major arterial highway” in the city.

“The Via Princessa extension is a vital link in the Santa Clarita Valley. We gotta get people to the jobs centers, to school, to work but more importantly, it’s come up that ‘well you guys don’t care about the environment,’” said City Councilman Dante Acosta. “But this is an environmental issue because if we have people moving through town, getting to their destinations quickly, then we’re going to lower emissions. We’re going to lower the amount of time and stress that people have. It’s a quality of life issue as well, and that’s important to me.”

In 2007, the city of Santa Clarita received $11,577,000 in grant funding for construction of Via Princessa between Golden Valley Road and Sheldon Avenue, according to the agenda. In 2009, city staff began preparing an Environmental Impact Report “to determine the preferred alignment and the environmental impacts of this roadway” but the project was delayed due to the poor economy.

The project is expected to cost $50,000,000, according to the agenda, and the city is seeking additional grants and funds for the project.

The approval of the EIR Tuesday evening confirmed the project is in accordance with the city’s General Plan, according to the agenda.

The project still has a ways to go before construction begins. A funding plan, construction plan and other parts of the project still need to be created and approved by the Santa Clarita City Council.