Council Acts on Arts Plan, Mobile Home Park Conversions, Ermine Area Traffic -- TUESDAY, MAR 8, 2016

The Santa Clarita City Council unanimously approved several items Tuesday including traffic safety measures, an extended moratorium on mobile home park conversions, and a much anticipated Arts Master Plan.

Traffic-Calming Measures on Dorothy Street and Ermine Street

One of the conditions imposed on the Five Knolls community developer was a requirement to complete Golden Valley Road between Newhall Ranch Road and Dorothy Street as well as to provide “traffic-calming features” on Dorothy Street and Ermine Street.

The area of Dorothy Street is located in unincorporated county territory, and the measures must meet the the satisfaction of the city’s public works director, according to a staff report.

A longtime resident of Dorothy Street who had spoken at previous council meetings described how traffic safety measures on Dorothy Street were in “pretty deplorable conditions.”

“Since the passage of time, conditions have not gotten any better,” the resident said. “In fact, I would say they’ve even got worse, because the word is out that Dorothy is the most viable shortcut to Golden Valley. … We just ask that you at least take some kind of step that’s going to bring us some kind of relief up there.”

After the Golden Valley Road extension was completed last year, traffic in the area doubled on Dorothy Street, reaching 3,250 vehicles per day, and increased six-fold on Ermine Street, reaching 1,260 vehicles per day.