Congressman Steve Knight Meets With AOC, Trinity Classical Academy Government Students -- October 14, 2015

Congressman Steve Knight met with Academy of the Canyons and Trinity Classical Academy students Wednesday to talk with them about his job as a congressman and some of the issues legislature is facing.

Knight’s goal is to visit 60 schools and 100 business sites every year. 

“You never know what a senior in high school is going to say. It’s always a little interesting,” Knight said. “I get some of my greatest information from 10th, 11th and 12th graders. It’s fun, I enjoy it.”

Ten senior high school students from Liz Caddow’s Government class at Trinity Classical Academylistened to Knight share what his everyday life as a congressman looks like. This includes meetings, committee hearings and voting.

“What we try to do with the Honors Government class is to bring in the real people doing the jobs,” Caddow, who is also the founder and head of Trinity, said. “We have Congressman Knight come,Assemblyman Wilk, Senator Sharon Runner, a representative from Senator Feinstein’s office. I’m so grateful that they take the time to come.”

Knight talked with the students about how a law is written, what the county’s financial debt looks like and why all of the students in the class should vote in every election.

Knight asked the students, some of which are registered to vote,  “What’s the most important election.”

Many replied with, “The one to elect the president.”

Knight’s answer: “The next one.”

The students were given the chance to ask Knight questions, including: what inspired him to become a politician, what the hardest part of the job is and who he wanted to vote for as the next president.

Knight also spoke about some of the legislature that he has been involved with including ones related to the Bouquet Canyon Creek and wells, issues with military officials getting life insurance, small business and the St. Francis Dam historical monument.