County Supervisors Approve New Rules, More Days For Yard Sales -- May 29, 2015

Los Angeles County supervisors recently approved an update to the rules for how often residents in unincorporated communities can host yard sales.


The ordinance was originally developed in April 2013, and nearly two years later, it was approved and adopted Tuesday.

The current regulations are difficult to enforce and lack a specific calendar year system, according to the agenda.

“Illegal vending and extended yard sales are long-standing problems that negatively impact local businesses and drive down taxable revenues,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley‑Thomas, in the agenda. “Community complaints about illegal vending and extended yard sales throughout Los Angeles County have been on the rise and the County’s ability to completely abate this nuisance under its current ordinances has proven difficult.”

Currently, there is no permit required and while regulations allow a maximum of two yard sales at a property during any 12-month period and any day of the week, there was no specified yearly calendar to go by, according to the agenda.

The newly approved ordinance established “comprehensive and reasonable standards” for conducting yard sales, according to the agenda.

The ordinance allows property owners to have unlimited yard sales on one designated weekend a month, and two other yard sales a year with a no-cost permit, according to the news release.

The new regulation, which will go into effect this fall, will allow for more yard sales annually, but also create more efficient enforcement protocols, according to a news release. The updated ordinance will also present three-time violators who do not apply for a permit with $712 noncompliance fee.

“In too many of our unincorporated areas, frequent yard sales effectively function as small businesses, creating a disadvantage for regulated, law abiding businesses,” Ridley-Thomas, who authored the motion. “Many property owners have complained that these neighborhood yard sales create blight. This initiative is a fair compromise that will allow yard sales to continue in a regulated way.”