County Approves Condos, River Cleanout In Santa Clarita -- April 15, 2015

Los Angeles County Supervisors approved a final tract map of more than 75 condos and a Santa Clara river cleanout Tuesday.

Final Map For Home Tract In Unincorporated Santa Clarita

The final map for a subdivision of about 8.83 acres off of Copper Hill in Saugus that includes 76 condominium units was approved by the county Board of Supervisors.

“All of the street improvements — streets, curbs and gutter — are already installed, said Kerjon Lee, public affairs manager for the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. “Utilities leading to each of the properties (have also been installed).”

Three model units have already been built, he added. The other 73 have not been built yet.

The final map has been reviewed by the Department of Public Works for mathematical accuracy, survey analysis, title information, and for compliance with local ordinances and the State Subdivision Map Act,according to the agenda item.

“Now (that the Board of Supervisors approved the agenda item),  those streets delineated are officially part of the county record,” Lee said.

These condos have been in the works for nearly 15 years, according to the agenda item. The board members certified an Environmental Impact Report and approved a Vesting Tentative Tract Map in September of 2000 but the project was delayed for five years. In July 2005, the project was reinstated.

The tract is part of the Newhall Land-West Creek tract.

Santa Clara River Watershed Basin Cleanout

County Supervisors approved a proposal Tuesday to clean out areas of the Santa Clara River, which runs through the Santa Clarita Valley, as part of the Department of Public Works Catch Basin Cleanout 2015.

The cleanout will occur in various cities and unincorporated communities throughout Los Angeles county,, including several areas in Santa Clarita, according to the agenda item.

“We’re cleaning out quite a few catch basins inside our area. The county is cleaning out approximately 4,600 total catch basins within county and unincorporated areas, such as Stevenson Ranch, Castaic, Acton, “ Lee said. “For the first time ever, we will also be cleaning city catch basins.”

County officials also plan to install a logo stamp that says “drains to the ocean” to inform Santa Clarita Valley residents of where the drains lead to.

“The storm drain system is all connected to water bodies,” Lee said. “Motor oil and trash if disposed improperly may reach water bodies.”

Officials expect the project to cost $260,000 with the expected start date of the project to begin in August and end in October.

County officials are currently advertising for bids for a contract to work on the project.