Santa Clarita Leaders Look To The Future With Santa Clarita 2020 -- January 21, 2015

While the Santa Clarita Valley may not have flying cars by 2020, city officials are working on a plethora of projects to improve the community.

Santa Clarita 2020 is a plan for public works projects that officials are creating based on input from community members.

“The whole idea is focusing on quality of life aspects of Santa Clarita — infrastructure, public safety and beautification,” said Gail Morgan, city of Santa Clarita spokeswoman. “Santa Clarita 2020 is an all encompassing document that will help guide the city with programs and projects into next decade and beyond.”

The Santa Clarita 2020 website has information about long-term projects being implemented by city officials.

Projects include the Soledad Corridor Plan, Canyon Country Community Center, Central Park Tennis Center and a Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station expansion, Morgan said.

“The Santa Clarita 2020 website is an umbrella,” Morgan said “a vision and plan for the future that will take us into the next decade and beyond.”

More projects and information about the projects will be added to the website in the next couple months, she said.

City officials took two strategic assessments in August 2014, interviewing Santa Clarita residents over the phone and online.

In the telephone interviews, 400 surveys were conducted, according to the document.

Of the telephone interviews, Santa Clarita residents reported the most important issues facing the community where public safety, water availability and jobs and the economy.

In the online interviews, 614 surveys were conducted, according to the document.

For the online interviews, Santa Clarita residents reported public safety, traffic, government and overpopulation/ controlling growth/ development were the most important issues facing the community.

Nearly 75 percent of the residents who participated in the survey felt that “Santa Clarita is on the right track,” according to the document. Those in the 25 percent felt there is overdevelopment, that city of Santa Clarita officials are out of touch and do not trust the government.

“We take what people tell us, create projects and plans and address those needs,” Morgan said. “City officials are looking at a new and larger Sheriff’s Station to continue to provide a high level of public safety. This is an example of how City Council is listening to the community and turning those ideas into actions with Santa Clarita 2020.”