Remo Donates 30 Drums To SCVi Students -- January 20, 2015

Remo, Inc., a Santa Clarita Valley company that makes innovative drums, donated 30 drums to the SCVi Charter School in Castaic Tuesday morning.

Remo Belli, owner and founder of Remo, Inc., delivered the drums personally to the school with some students, teachers and administrators present.

“SCVi & iLEAD Charter Schools are looking forward to the many ways drumming will enhance educational experiences for learners,” said Founder and Co-Executive Director, Amber Raskin in a news release. “Studies have shown that rhythm in the classroom can help facilitate the connections learners make in mathematics, language arts, and other subjects.  iLEAD and SCVi Charter Schools are always looking for ways to enhance the learners experience.

“The school is looking forward to the many ways drumming will add to the classroom setting.” said Raskin “But equally, if not more important to SCVi and iLEAD Charter Schools, is the benefit of developing leadership and social emotional growth of learners while in a drum circle and using instruments”

Students who participated in the event include: 3rd grader Caleb Jennerson, 4th grader Sammy McMullen, 5th grader Emily Barragan, 6th grader Adin Kuric, 8th graders Morelia Robles, Kaily Spiteri and Evdin Kuric, 11th grader Moises Robles, 12th grader Soren Martin, 10th grader Kai Turner who took video of the event and 11th grader Sydney Crossman who photographed the event.

This is the first drum donation for SCVi but officials received a grant a while back to purchase drums.

“We were very fortunate. We received a grant from the Newhall Foundation for the purpose of drums. We used the grant to purchase the first set,” said Sara Brown, a teacher and community outreach official for the school. “We used the remainder of the funding to purchase rolling carts to transport the drums to move them from classroom to classroom. It was a wonderful donation.”

The school also has a 40-inch table drum for the kids to use.

“The kids sit on the floor around the drums and play together as a group,” Brown said. “It helps the kids, especially those who are nonverbal. It has comfort sound technology — a low tone but not overwhelming.”

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