Providence Holy Cross Helps Man In 6-Week Coma -- January 27, 2015

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center nurses and doctors treat hundreds of patients every month and all of them have a unique story.

Truck driver Mike McCaul, 60, of Eugene, Ore., became ill while hauling construction materials from Phoenix, according to a news release.

“The last thing he remembers was calling 911 and begging paramedics not to leave his laptop computer in the rig,” said Patricia Aidem, spokeswoman for the medical center. “He woke up from a coma about six weeks later – around New Year’s Day – and is set to leave Providence Holy Cross Medical CenterThursday.”

Pulmonologist Robert Robertson said McCaul was diagnosed with petrochemical poisoning, Aidem said in a news release.

McCaul, who is a father and grandfather, told Aidem that “he’s very grateful to his nurses. He’s so grateful to be going but he wishes all of the other patients could go home, too.”

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center has 377 beds in the hospital, she said. There are 25 beds in the sub-acute unit where McCaul is.

“He kept saying how great the nursing was and was worried about all of the other patients,” Aidem said. “He’s pretty much 100 percent better and excited to wear civilian clothes.”