Bail Bonds In Santa Clarita: Interview With A Bail Agent -- February 3, 2015

Ed. Note: The following content was provided by All American Bail Bonds who is a client of KHTS AM-1220.

Every so often, a representative from All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita makes an appearance on the KHTS AM 1220 “Neighborhood Watch” radio show.

Angie Vanesian, 22, of Palmdale, came in to the studio Jan. 22 to talk about her job at All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita and what it’s like being a bail agent.

“You go from city to city, meet people, talk to people and just kind of get the (business) name out there, especially if you get a bond,” Vanesian said. “I just like helping people — I really like helping people. There are a few people who look at us and think ‘Oh, you want want to take our money’ but honestly, we’re just helping you get out so you can get back to your job and continue on with your life.” 

Venesian began her career in the bonding business as a secretary when she was in her teens.  She studied to be bail bondsman until she was able to take the exam and become licensed at the age of 18.

“I’ve had a lot of people who have thanked me and given me a hug and everything went well,” Vanesian said. “I like helping people. A smile goes a long way. You sit there and people come in and their crying because their daughter’s in jail and so you just try to make them feel as comfortable as possible.”

Vanesian works a set 40 hours a week and whatever she works over that, she earns commission on.

“I’m the kind of agent that texts you every hour on the hour, at 3 a.m., 4 a.m., 5 a.m. in the morning,  letting you know what’s going on,” she said. “I like to keep my clients posted so they know that were working on it because sometimes it takes all night to get someone out. I’m the one talking to the jailers and getting the information, so I’m really their way of getting ahold of their loved one.”

While Vanesian lives in Palmdale, she works at the Santa Clarita office.

“Angie is very passionate about her job and is an exceptional bail agent,” said Inessa Chavez, vice president of All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita. “She’s a joy to have and we trust her to always do the job right.”