CSUN, LAPD Report Shots Fired Near Campus -- March 5, 2015

California State University, Northridge and LAPD officials are reporting shots fired near the university.

CSUN Emergency Message:

This is an emergency message for California State University, Northridge (students, faculty, staff, campus community, etc.). This is the Department of Police Services.

We have received a report from the LAPD of shots fired in the area of Kinzie St. and Lindley Ave. 

Suspects were reported to have fled in the area of University Park Apartments.

Police are searching the area of campus housing as of this time (1:42pm).

LAPD helicopter circling the CSUN campus. Photo by Thomas James Gallegos via Twitter.

Suspects are described as: two male blacks–one wearing a baseball cap, the other wearing a white shirt, white pants and white shoes.

Avoid the area of University Park Apartments (UPA) at this time. Call (818) 677-2111 or 911 for help.

Please relate this emergency information to affected individuals within your work/classroom area immediately and follow instructions of emergency response team members.

Thank you, this concludes this message.

UPDATE 2:23 P.M.

Police remain on scene in the area of the University Park Apartments, CSUN officials report. Police are searching inside housing for the two suspects.

UPDATE 3:10 P.M.

Housing students should shelter in place, officials said. Everyone else should avoid the area. Police are continuing to search for the suspects.

UPDATE 4:07 P.M.

Police are continuing to search CSUN campus housing, officials report. Students who live in the UPA housing area are sheltering in place. Police are asking students, faculty, staff and everyone else to avoid the area.

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