Bail Bonds In Santa Clarita: Neighborhood Watch Talks Crime -- March 25, 2015

Every week, All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita sponsors the show “Neighborhood Watch.”

The show is hosted by News Director Perry Smith and Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station Crime Prevention Unit Deputy Josh Dubin.

On March 5, the two talked about crime in the Santa Clarita Valley and how to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crimes.

Perry Smith: Welcome back Santa Clarita Valley. Thank you for the thumbs up Deputy Josh Dubin from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station here on your “Neighborhood Watch” where twice a month we talk about all things Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station-related, community outreach and crime prevention with my co-host Deputy Josh Dubin of the Crime Prevention Unit. How are we doing, sir?

Josh Dubin: How are we doing?

Perry Smith: Deputy Dubin!

Josh Dubin: You bought Starbucks this morning.

Perry Smith: I did. I returned the favor. One hand washes the other, right.

Josh Dubin: I bought Starbucks last week.

Perry Smith: You did, you did. We’re going back to back. We’re giving people almost too much “Neighborhood Watch.” I’m worried.

Josh Dubin: Is that really possible?

Perry Smith: No you can’t, you can’t give people too much outreach.

Josh Dubin: As Kyle Jellings rolls his eyes into the back of his head.

Perry Smith: At least he’s not playing Angry Birds. We have new sound engineer Justin Powell on the boards. Justin say “hi” to the “Neighborhood Watch” crowd.

Justin Powell: Hello “Neighborhood Watch” crowd.

Josh Dubin: He’s got some work to do.

Perry Smith: Lots to talk about this week.