Grace Baptist Church To Host Foster Care & Adoption Summit -- November 6, 2014

Grace Baptist Church community members, in partnership with Arrow Child & Family Ministries, are planning to host their second annual Foster Care & Adoption Summit to provide information to those who may be interested in fostering, adopting or helping children in need. 

“It’s an event to make couples aware of the need to love an orphan,” said Melanie Bunn, Care Support Assistant at Grace Baptist Church. “If they are able to adopt or not, this would give them the information they need about fostering and adopting.”

The event is planned for Saturday, Nov. 15 from 8 a.m. to noon at the Grace Baptist Church Conference Center in Valencia.

About 80 people are expected to attend the event, where officials plan to provide 10 breakout sessions and 16 agencies including Real Life Church, Dark to Dawn and Children’s Bureau.

“Our goal is to love all children,” Bunn said. “They’re our next generation and we need open the eyes of people that they need to reach out to the children.”

The featured speaker for the event is Pastor Todd Nighswonger of Cornerstone Simi Valley and event organizers will provide free childcare for children up to 2nd grade.

“Coming doesn’t mean you’re going to adopt, the event is just an informational conference,” Bunn said.