Bail Bonds In Santa Clarita: How To Become A Bondsman -- October 14, 2014

Ed. Note: The following content was provided by All American Bail Bonds who is a client of KHTS AM-1220.

The life of a bail bondsman is a very unique and interesting one.

Bail bondsman often work all hours of the day and spend their time visiting clients in jail, meeting with judges at court and filing paperwork.

The life of a bail bondsman is one that takes a very special person and some training.

There are several qualifications one needs to meet to become a bail bondsman who could work at a reputable bond company like All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita.

“The bail bond agents a client will encounter at All American Bail Bonds are professionals. They will assist with posting bail at locations such as police departments, county sheriff’s department as well as the county jails,” said Inessa Chavez, vice president of All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita. “We only hire professionals that are knowledgeable and can help clients through the process of bailing out your loved one.”

To become a bail agent, you have to be at least 18 years of age and be a resident of the state where you want to work, for no less than two years.

All bail bonds agents must complete a minimum of 20 hours of approved prelicensing classroom study in subjects pertinent to the duties and responsibilities of a bail licensee, including, but not limited to, all laws and regulations related thereto, rights of the accused, and ethics, according to the California Department of Insurance website. Bail agents must also complete a minimum of 12 hours of approved continuing education classroom study prior to the renewal of his or her license, which is needed every two years.

People who have committed a felony “involving dishonesty or a breach of trust from conducting the business of insurance unless they have obtained the written consent of the Insurance Commissioner,” according to the California Department of Insurance website.

More licensing and classroom study information can be found on the California Department of Insurance website.

“We’re always looking for people interested in helping other people,” Chavez said. “That’s really what a bail bonds agent does.”

For more information about how to become a bail bondsman, visit the California Department of Insurance website or the All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita website.

“The bail agent business is booming and we hope to see bright, new faces coming to work for us,” Chavez said. “It really does take a special person to be there to comfort and help people get their loved ones out of jail.”