Two Women Form Code Grey To Reach For The Stars -- December 16, 2014

At Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, a “code grey” means a patient has become a threat, but two women are turning the alarm into a musical sensation.

Henry Mayo Security Officer Cym LaJoy and Emergency Room Registered Nurse Claire Bennett have teamed up to become the band Code Grey. 

KHTS AM 1220 “Friday Matinee” Hosts T.Katz and George Cummings brought the two women in Dec. 5 to listen to the two women sing and hear about their plans for the future.

LaJoy and Bennett stayed after the show for an exclusive interview to talk about their past, present and future in the music industry.

“From the moment I could speak, I would sing and have always been (singing) since I was little girl,” Bennett said. “It’s always been a passion.”

“I was born into it,” LaJoy added. “It’s just in you, you just have a passion. I’ve always sang and I’ve always written. I used to write poetry — that’s how I started out as a kid, and then my mom bought my first drum set because I’m a percussionist, too. And I just started doing poetry, and then the songs just started coming. Then I went to school for it.”

Both Bennett and LaJoy said they felt like they were “born into” music, and while their jobs seem to be the opposite of the profession they are most interested in, they say working at the hospital has helped them become better artists.

“I was tired of waiting tables. That’s how it happened years ago,” Bennett said. “It was kind of like you really have to have that go get ’em. I dont think I was as strong a person as I am now. Before, I think I was just very timid. You have to really throw yourself out there and be like ‘I got this.’ My job has helped me to be so much stronger and its helped me in this capacity, definately.”

Bennett and LaJoy are planning to try out to represent KHTS AM-1220 in the 2016 Country Showdown as Code Grey.

“For sure, definitely want to try that. Why not?” Bennett said.

While both women hope to make it to the 2016 Country Showdown, LaJoy wants to eventually be behind the mic and help other artists achieve their dreams.

“I want to write for other artists and develop other artists in the studio surrounding,” LaJoy said. “I love laying down the vocals for them and getting them to where they need to go.”

For now, Bennett and LaJoy are taking it one day at a time.

“(Success comes) when you’re not expecting it. What will happen will happen,” Bennett said, “what should be should be.”