Bail Bonds In Santa Clarita: Bail Bondsman Salaries -- December 2, 2014

Ed. Note: The following content was provided by All American Bail Bonds who is a client of KHTS AM-1220.

Have you ever been interested in becoming a bail bondsman? Ever wonder how much it would pay?

Bail bondsman can earn anywhere from around $20,000 per year to $40,000 per year, according to

“At All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita, we offer competitive wages to assure our bondsman are happy and can support themselves,” said Inessa Chavez, vice president of All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita.

Here are some of the average salaries compiled by

Average Yearly Salary $22,789 – $34,184

Starting Yearly Salary $18,768 – $28,151

Top Yearly Salary $26,811 – $40,216

“Give us a call,” Chavez said. “We can answer any questions you have about joining the bail bonds career field.  It takes a special person to do this job.”

There are several qualifications before you can become a bail bondsman which include enrolling in classes and becoming licensed by the California Department of Insurance.

You also have to have been residing for two years in the state where you want to be licensed as well as being 18-years-old.

“We’re always looking to bring fresh, new faces into the field,” Chavez said. ‘We will further train you and take you under our wing, so to speak, after you are hired.”

Anyone with a felony must receive special permission from the Insurance Commissioner in their area.

“At All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita, we support our community,” Chavez said,” by getting loved ones out of jail, being Earth-friendly, treating our clients like family and hiring locally.”

To find out more information about how to become a bail bondsman, read the story provided by All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita.

Licensing, classroom study and class location information can be found on the California Department of Insurance website.

“The bail bonds business, like All American Bail Bonds is thriving,” Chavez said. “We are always looking for new people with a passion for helping others.  That’s truly what you get out of this job — the satisfaction of helping get someone’s loved one out of jail and back home.”