Santa Clarita Bail Bonds: What Happens After You're Read Your Rights -- Thu, 09/18/2014 - 3:15pm

We have all seen the movie where the cop catches the crook and reads him the Miranda Rights.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...

But what happens after that?

The officer puts you in the back of a patrol car and takes you to the nearest jail where you will be booked and wait until your court date or you can post bail.

"Although the right to bail has constitutional recognition in the prohibition against excessive bail, bail is not always a matter of right," said Inessa Chavez, co-owner of All American Bail Bonds, a company that sells bail bonds in Santa Clarita. "However, with certain exceptions a defendant charged with a criminal offense shall be released on bail."

You can post cash bail or work with a bail bondsman to post bail unless bail is not granted. Some reasons bail might not be granted would that defendant may be looked at as a flight risk or danger to thepublic.

"A capital crime is an offense that is potentially punishable by death or life imprisonment, even if the prosecutor / government has agreed not to seek the death penalty," Chavez said. "If bail is not granted immediately or if the bail is excessive, a defendant charged with a capital crime is entitled to a bail hearing. It should be noted that even with capital crimes there is a presumption of innocence. Also for cases such as murder, bail could be $1 million or more.

"It is presumed that the risk of flight of the defendant is too great when he or she is facing death or life in prison without the possibility of parole."

While some suspects do not qualify for a bail bond in Santa Clarita, most can.

"There are two ways to pay your bail. You may either pay the full amount of the bail in cash or certified funds, or buy a bail bond," Chavez said. "A bail bond is like a check held in reserve: It represents your promise that you will appear in court when you are supposed to. You pay a bondsman, usually 10 percent of the bail amount to post a bond with the court, and the court keeps the bond in case you don't show up."

Bail bonds in Santa Clarita and the surrounding areas are a constitutional right, with some exceptions, and are obtainable. Bail bondsman want to work with you.

All American Bail Bonds officials and other bail bonds companies have set up payment plans if you can pay the bail percentage.