Castaic Lake Officials Report Lake Level 100 Feet Lower -- Mon, 09/15/2014 - 1:09pm

Castaic Lake Water Agency officials document the Castaic Lake reservoir's water level throughout the year, but officials are reporting the lake's level has dropped significantly in the past couple months.

California water officials have been publishing drought pictures for the past year, trying to spread awareness about the importance of water conservation.

"As of today the Castaic reservoir is 38 percent full," said Dirk Marks, water resources manager for the Castaic Lake Water Agency. "The lake's level has dropped about 108 feet."

The water in Castaic Lake is owned by the State of California Department of Water Resources that runs and operated the State Water Project, Marks said. Most of the water is used by theMetropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California is the wholesaler for most of Southern California, Marks said. Their service area spans from San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

"We've been getting some additional water out of Castaic Lake but most of our imported supplies are coming from water that we have stored out of Castaic Lake," Marks said. "Such as the California Aqueduct."

Castaic Lake Water Agency officials do not own or operate the Castaic Lake reservoir and the amount that they have drawn for the lake is "relatively small," Marks said.

"The Department of Water Resources officials are continuing to draw water from the reservoir and will continue to do that through October," Marks said. "After that, they may start to partially refill the reservoir but that depends on how much water is in the system.

"Several of the water entities have water banking in the San Joaquin Valley that were recovered in the fall. Some of that water could be used to increase the water elevation (of Castaic Lake) but how much of Castaic Lake would be restored depends on how much rain we get in the next year."