Three-Month-Old May Lose Part Of Lung, Family Asks For Help- Thu, 06/26/2014 - 1:39pm

For 3-month-old Brooklyn Hernandez, the odds are uncertain.

She may lose part of her right lung, or she could lose her entire right lung.

"I didn't even know you could live with one lung until now," said her mother, Tiffany Hernandez. "If the surgeon can leave a piece of the right side in, it's better than nothing at all."

This condition affecting Brooklyn is known asCongenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation, or CCAM.

One in 25,000 babies suffer from a rare lung condition in which a mass of abnormal lung tissue causes difficulty breathing, among other problems.

"She has one very large cyst encasing her entire right lower lobe of her lung," said Tiffany Hernandez. "She will need to have the lobe removed, hopefully just that part."

Brooklyn Hernandez was born March 20 to Valencia residents Tiffany and Mike Hernandez.

When she was born, the doctors at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center in Mission Hills "had no idea what the problem even was," said Tiffany Hernandez. "She collapsed a lung and had all sorts of problems."

Brooklyn Hernandez stayed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Children's Hospital Los Angeles for two weeks after she was born, Tiffany Hernandez said.

Her father, Mike, who works in the parts department for a Honda dealership in Hollywood, used all of his sick and vacation days during the weeks Brooklyn Hernandez was in the hospital.

"She will have most of her right lung taken out in September (when she is 6 months old)," said Tiffany Hernandez. "It's very stressful and very scary, the fear of the unknown. She'll be in the hospital for up to two weeks."

The mother said she was scared to ask doctors of the total cost for the surgery and hospital stay, fearing the added expense.

Now the Hernandez family, including Brooklyn Hernandez's siblings Jordan Hernandez, 10, Hailey Hernandez, 8, and Peyton Hernandez, 6, are asking for help from the Santa Clarita community.

The Hernandez family is hosting a garage sale at their home at 25449 Via Heraldo in Valencia on Saturday from 7 a.m. through about noon or 1 p.m.

The family also has a GoFundMe account, for more information,click here.

All of the proceeds are raise funds for Brooklyn Hernandez's surgery in September and to help pay for the bills, gas and food for the family.

"I would say we have had maybe 50 people donate stuff for the garage sale," said Tiffany Hernandez. "You would just die if you saw my garage. There's TVs, cables, exercise equipment, a bed, household stuff, toys, clothes, couches. It's great. I appreciate it so much."

There will be a bake sale and children's jewelry by 7 Thirty Jewels & Hair Xccessories at the garage sale.

"Most importantly, we need all the prayers we can get as this is very unchartered territory," said Tiffany Hernandez.

The Hernandezes turn to their religion support, Tiffany said, being members of The Church On The Way for three years.

"It's brings everyone together, the power of prayer," said Tiffany Hernandez. "We're on their prayer list. Pastor Gary Howse is one of the main prayer leaders and is going to come to the hospital and pray with Brooklyn before she goes under in September."

Tiffany Hernandez has yet to find another family who has dealt with this condition before, hoping for some comfort and more knowledge about the condition, she said.

"As scary as it is, we just have to hope that everything will be okay," said Tiffany Hernandez. "It has been an amazing support system but it doesn't make it any less scary, it just gives us people to talk to and rely on."

For more information, visit the Brooklyn's Prayer Warriors Facebook page.