Urban Outfitters Continues To Shelve Controversial Products - Thu, 07/17/2014 - 12:18pm

Urban Outfitters continues to stir the community with hypodermic needle pens nearly a year after taking their pill bottle shot glasses off the market.

"I think it's absolutely crazy that a company like them would stoop that low to make money," said Cary Quashen, founder of Action Family Counseling. "We are having a major epidemic with heroin andpeople are dying all over the place. For a company that big, it's ludicrous to make money off of this."

Products including flasks made to look like pill bottles for the drug "Boozemin" prescribed by "Dr. Koholic, Al" were recalled by the company in June of 2013, after thousands signed a petition against the products. Hypodermic needle pens are given away at the Hairroin Salon, a branch of Urban Outfitters.

"I think it's absolutely horrific," said Krissy McAfee, parent and board member for Action Family Foundation and the Santa Clarita Blue Ribbon Task Force. "I know that because of the controversy and publicity they said they would not have the hypodermic pens anymore."

While the hypodermic needle pens may go away, the "Hairroin" hair salons show no sign of going away.

"Youngsters think it's cool even if their not using and the company is really taking advantage of our youngsters," Quashen said. "I think companies like them are really obligated to better the world, not make it worse."

McKafee lost her son, 24-year-old Trae Allen in 2010 to a heroin overdose, according to past KHTS AM 1220 articles. Action Family Foundation officials are working with the Santa Clarita community to help stop drug use of all kinds.

"Urban Outfitters is just glorifying drugs like its no big deal ," McAfee said. "The Hairroin Salon is glorifying the drug and as a parent. I think that's awful and I can promise you that I will never buy anything from Urban Outfitters again and I am telling everyone not to support them."

Urban Outfitters is not only under fire for drug glorification, the Hindu community is outraged "over its usage of the deity Ganesha on bedroom duvet covers."

"Many parents came up to me saying that this is ridiculous and were angry with Urban Outfitters," Quashen said. "(Urban Outfitters needs to) grow up and help us stop people from dying, not add to the insanity."

Local groups including the Action Family foundation, Blue Ribbon Task Force, the SCV Sheriff's Station, the William S. Hart District, the Child & Family Center, city of Santa Clarita, KHTS AM 1220, and the SCV Youth Project and families who have lost loved ones to drug abuse are rallying behind a motorhome turned traveling, electronic digital memorial called "The Experience" in an effort to spread awareness of the dangers of drug use.

"All of this is just completely sending the wrong message to our kids," McAfee said. "It's making it seem like heroin is okay and that's just wrong. I don't think anyone should make money off of it."

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