Hart District Announces Approval Of Next Superintendent -- October 2, 2014

William S. Hart Union High School District officials announced the approval of the new superintendent for the school district Thursday.

Vicki Engbrecht was appointed as the superintendent-elect by the district’s Governing Board on Oct. 1, according to the news release. Engbrecht is currently the deputy superintendent.

“The Hart Board is pleased to have selected Vicki Engbrecht as our next superintendent for the Hart District,” said Steve Sturgeon, governing board president. “The District and community are more than familiar with Vicki’s tenure and contributions over her career with Hart District successes.” 

Engbrecht will become the superintendent-elect on Nov. 1 and will take on her role as superintendent on Feb. 1 of next year, according to the news release.

“We look forward to working with Vicki in her new role as we set forth new goals for the coming months and years,” Sturgeon said. “The focus on Common Core implementation, state budget monitoring, facilities, collaboration with College of the Canyons and staff / district communication will continue to be addressed to meet our objective and keep the Hart District on top in the state for secondary education.”

Engbrecht has been with the Hart District for the past 38 years as a teacher, high school principal, director of curriculum and has served in her current position of deputy superintendent and assistant superintendent of educational services for the past seven years, according to the news release.

“Vicki’s move into the superintendent position will make this a seamless transition and provide for immediate and continued success,” Sturgeon said.

Engbrecht has gained valuable experience working with the Board, superintendent and site administrators on the day to day operational issues, gaining unique insight to the challenges of running a large school district, according to the news release. Challinor has provided outstanding leadership to the Hart District for nearly five years.

“Challinor’s legacy includes increasing student achievement while successfully guiding the district through some of the most perilous economic times, providing state-of-the art facilities for our students and staff, and building a strong district management team,” Sturgeon said.

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