Bail Bonds In Santa Clarita: Why You Need A Bail Bond -- October 2, 2014

You’re probably sitting on your couch or at work, reading the news for the day.

You come across a story about bail bonds and think to yourself, “Why would I ever need a bail bond?”

More than likely, you will come into contact with someone who has needed a bail bond whether it be for themselves or a loved one.

Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita

“We get calls all the time from parents, spouses and friends of people who have been arrested,” said Inessa Chavez, vice president of All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita. “You can call us. We know that this is a confusing and stressful time for you and we want to create a positive experience.”

All American Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita has agents waiting 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help assist you.

“People make mistakes and that’s why we’re here,” Chavez said. “AtAll America Bail Bonds, we offer free consultations with our agents to help you decide the best way to get your loved one out of jail.”

Bail Bonds agents can help with drug offenses, drunk driving offenses, spousal abuse offenses, all felonies, misdemeanors and can work with all courts and jails.

The use of Bail Bonds in Santa Clarita are common because most people cannot afford to pay for the full premium of bail outright.

For example, the bail premium for a first degree robbery is commonly $100,000. If you went to a bail bondsman, you would only pay 10 percent or $10,000.

Many bail bonding companies, including All American Bail Bonds have payment plans with zero down, and no interest.

“People do not plan on having a loved one in jail“, Chavez said. “With the economy the way it is, we try to help our clients the best way we can. We’re here for them during their difficult time from the beginning to the end.”